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Clinics, Camps,
& the Show Schedule

Our Current 2024 Show schedule:

West Palms events, Rancho Murieta 3/27-30

Paso Park Classic, Paso Robles 4/10-14, 4/17-21

Otter Be There, Rancho Murieta 5/22-26

Equestrian Challenge, Rancho Murieta 5/29-6/2

Boot Camps

Two-day camps will include 2 riding sessions a day, one round table discussion on the first day, 1 stall with bedding. We encourage riders to bring video of themselves for discussion or Q&A.

Three-day camps will have the same format as the two-day camps but will include a second round table discussion.

If you are interested in attending the camps, please contact Jen at

209-606-3514 or

LadyHawk 11.jpg
LadyHawk 10.jpg

2 Day Boot Camp


5/11 - 5/12


2 Day Boot Camp


6/8 - 6/9


Impala 4.jpg

3 Day Boot Camp


7/5 - 7/7


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